We think the eco-tourism could be viable because more like a country, we are a family and we need to take care of our places and try to make it look good, not only for the tourist or travelers, also for the habitants and for nature.

Some of the most famous and recognized places in Amazon are

1. National Natural Park of Serrania del Chiribiquete

The people who has been there describes this like “the greatest natural wonder of Colombia”, this is located between the department of Caquetá and Guaviare. It’s the largest tropical rainforest park with an area of 12.800 km2 and it has been recognized as mixed world heritage.

The communities that inhabit the region find in these territories a high cultural value. There are three main indigenous reservations which are Puerto Cordoba, Comeyafú and Camaritagua; which have more than 13 indigenous peoples such as the Bora, Barasano, Carijona, Cubeo, Letuama, Miraña, Matapi, Macuna, Tatuyo, Tariano, Tanimuca, Uitoto and Yucuna. The economy of indigenous peoples is partly based on the distribution of medicinal plants, which are only grown there, throughout Colombia and other countries. Since 2010, the area has been affected by illegal mining processes and in the last three years by the presence of illegal armed groups

The gastronomy is based in the fish, particularly the piracucú, which is characterized as the freshwater species with the largest scales. Some typical dishes are: Pataresca, which consists of seasoning the fish with garlic, paprika and onion and, later, roasting them inside banana leaves; There is also the mojojoy and the casabe or indigenous bread.

2. Amazon River

This is consider the largest river in the world because is approximately 60km longer than Nile River, is adore by the habitans ’cause this is their food source, also they think it controls life and death; the river beaches are uncovered in the dry season and when the rains increase, the river reaches several meters deep, it’s about two different landscapes that have their charm.

The best show there are the amazonian dolphins (the river dolphin and pink dolphin) those are so popular between the travelers, also you can find fishes and piranhas

3. Leticia

There you can find the south american culture with a lot of museums, parks, zones of indigenous legacy, and a lot of places that you can visit to the delight of the tourists and travelers. Also you can find a botanical garden and a zoo, as we said before, going there is a pleasure

Thanks to the aboundance of rivers, is natural the fish consumption complemented with casabe (yucca, plantain and exotic fruits)

The advantages of the tourism

  • Our country could be more known internationally
  • The economy increase and this help to improve the most visited places
  • A mark is left

The disadvantages of the tourism

  • People who come there could damage our enviroment
  • People could come there to do illegal things and that doesn’t benefit us or the image of our country

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